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Kids Love to Pretend, Dance & Sing

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Working with kids everyday is the greatest career path on the planet in my humble opinion. The amazing love of learning, the buzzing energy, the sponge like sharing that occurs through music, play, movement games, singing, dancing, and connecting through the use of descriptive imagery, and imaginatory scenerios is infinite in children. Kids suspend judgement as long as they are having fun. They are natural born actors, dancers and singers. As an Early Childhood Music Professional it is my job to share music in ways that inspire the innate creativity that all little humans possess. Fun stuff!

If play is the work of children, then it is of utmost importance for them to have many daily doses of it (Fun) in order to thrive, grow, be happy, creative, social, and healthy human beings. Music to kids is like nectar to the bees. They need it more than we know. So far we have had a great summer of dancing, singing, jumping, bouncing, galloping, hopping etc. at Honey Child Music's three summer camps at private schools.

This September Honey child Music will open up classes and birthday parties to the public. We will offer after school and morning programs for kids ages 1 -6 at The West Long Branch Community Center at 116 Locust Ave. West Long Branch NJ 07764. Feel free to call Miss Sherri at 732-241-6898 and check out our website at for more information

See some of our Superhero Child Videos on YouTube here:

Enjoy and play music everyday.

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