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Your Superhero children well!



Caring, Sharing, Engaging, Love, Creativity, Kindness, Diversity & Life!

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“Music and LOVE  rule the world”

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Live in Concert - The Sherri & Brian
Superhero kids show -Sunday, February 26th at
The Carteret Performing Arts & Events Center at 2:00 pm
Get Your Tickets Today!

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Sherri & Brian with their marvelous, fabulous, excellent, talented team of performers, crew members and behind the scenes men and women are debuting their newest Cd "Superhero Child" on Sunday February 26th at 2:00 pm at The amazing State of The Art "Carteret Performing Arts and Events Center. It’s truly been a labor of love, and we’re so excited to have it come to life. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, pick them up today - seats are limited. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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(Babies) Pee - Pod Squad

Your baby is a natural-born music-maker—cooing when you sing a nursery rhyme or wiggling when you dance to your favorite song. Even wee babies are alert to musical sounds & respond to melody & rhythm. In our Babes in Arms or Jazzy Toddlers classes, you’ll learn musical ways to interact, bond & play with your baby, support their brain development, & nurture their musical nature. In the same way that babies go through a period of babbling before they learn to speak, they also babble musically. For Babies ages 6 Months - 1 year old. 


(Toddlers) Tod - Pod Squad

Your super curious, receptive  toddler is starting to learn about the world & to interact with grownups & other children in new expressive ways. Toddlers learn by watching others, playing, & experimenting. Our Mixed-Age classes are perfectly aligned with this type of learning because they allow children to participate in their own way in a relaxed, family-style atmosphere, (At Home). Music may play an important role in meeting a child's educational needs as it provides a means of self-expression, giving the child an outlet for feelings and emotions. For children ages 1 - 2 years old. 


(Preschool) Pre - Pod Squad

Preschool Learning Pods will provide a consistent, in-person education for children ages 3 - 4 years old. 

We are proud to offer quality care and education at a family’s home for a Learning Pod of up to 4 students and 1 educator. Together we question, investigate, negotiate, and learn. We see ourselves as teachers, caregivers and, above all, partners dedicated to working with families and helping children realize their fullest potential. 

Our Pod Squads are designed with children in mind, providing ample opportunities for play and exploration. We foster a feeling of belonging and cultivate a sense of community built on trust and respect to provide an atmosphere to support our students' ongoing growth and development. Ages 3-5 years old.

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HONEY CHILD MUSIC is an established, innovative music education company that offers families the opportunity to form small music circles with their friends and families, as well as musical birthday parties, backyard concerts  and matches excellent teachers with your superhero kids!  All of our programs are designed with children in mind, providing ample opportunities for play, dancing, singing, skipping, jumping and exploration. Our  teachers foster a feeling of belonging and cultivate a sense of superhero community built on trust, respect and love!

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It is with great pride that I recommend Sherri Ehrlich as an Early Childhood Teacher for your children . We had the pleasure of hiring Miss Sherri to teach our three children at home in September 2020 during the pandemic and she fit right in with our family. The children adored her and her lesson plans were always engaging and interesting to the children. She not only worked on reading, writing and arithmetic but, also voice and piano. Miss Sherri’s primary goal was to get us involved in our children’s education. Sherri was able to make strong connections with our entire family. We highly recommend Sherri Ehrlich as a private educator for any family in need oof home schooling during this unfortunate pandemic.

                                         Sheetal Chadha

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