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Groovy Pod Squad Offerings...

It is said that...

Music Calms the Savage Beast


COOL Keyboard Kids POD  (Ages 6-8 years)

Research shows that learning the Do-Re-Mi's can help children excel in ways beyond the basic A.B.C.'s. In our Keyboard Kids Group Piano class we offer a variety of fun filled weekly piano activities designed to introduce kids to a variety of musical concepts including counting, time signatures, notes and rests, the musical staff, and how to play and read music in a fun filled fashion! The educational benefits to your students are profound. We will help keep your child focused with a music-rich experience of playing and singing, listening, dancing and creative movement. We at Honey Child Music are professional and certified music teachers who are tuned into each child, teaching the infinite joys of learning music.

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Special Buddies POD

(Ages 2 & up)

Honey Child Music provides fun filled, supportive, and judgment-free Special Buddies PODS which are custom tailored to your child's range of abilities. Each individual child or teen can grow and learn while having great enjoyment, creative expression and physical activity.

We at Honey Child understand that all children are musical, including children with special needs. Everyone is welcome to participate in our classes, including children with cognitive, physical, or neurological needs or impairments. Your child will surely thrive in our welcoming PODS, because we accept, include” and respect different learning styles and we view all people as special each with his or her own unique gifts to share and learn from.

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